We have a responsibility to conduct our property investment and development business in a socially responsible way.


We recognise that our clients may share the same values and therefore we seek to carry out our business whilst contributing positively to society and at the lowest practical cost to the environment.


We have incorporated ESG issues into our investment analysis and decision-making processes and we will use our influence to encourage our clients, our clients’ tenants, our suppliers and other counterparties to do the same.


Some ESG-related issues represent opportunities to affect the financial performance of assets positively or to protect against downside risk, and some relate purely to “best practice” and social responsibility.


Our policy is intended to:


Promote environmental protection;Prevent contamination;

  • Promote sustainable development;
  • Meet or exceed legal compliance and planning requirements;
  • Anticipate future regulatory impacts;
  • Identify risks from the physical impacts of climate change and develop mitigation strategies;
  • Minimise waste

Due to the ever-changing nature of sustainability we will continue to review and, where possible, to improve and to update the relevant criteria that are used within our business practices.


A copy of our ESG Policy is available on request by email from our ESG Officer Nick Grosse: